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Giants Stadium Setlist Souvenir
September 2, 1978

Embark on a visual journey through The Grateful Dead’s timeless legacy, beautifully captured by Jim Anderson. His lens first focused on the band in Springfield on June 30th, 1974, marking the beginning of an unparalleled photographic odyssey.

From that transformative day to the poignant farewell with Jerry Garcia in Chicago on July 9th, 1995, Anderson’s lens became a portal to the soul of the Dead’s music—a testament to the enduring spirit that transcends time.

His photographs encapsulate the full spectrum of the Grateful Dead experience. Dive into mesmerizing close-ups of the band, revel in the artistry of concert lighting and stage design, and witness the vibrant tapestry of Deadheads who carry forward the cherished tradition.

In a unique collaboration, Jim Anderson has generously licensed his iconic photos to Grateful Gaming, enabling us to produce Setlist Souvenirs that capture the essence of each unforgettable performance. Now, you can own a piece of history, reliving the magic of your favorite shows through meticulously crafted memorabilia.

Anderson’s lens doesn’t merely capture moments; it immortalizes the essence of a musical journey that, like the music itself, never stopped evolving. Join us as we explore the visual poetry of The Grateful Dead’s history, framed by Jim Anderson’s keen eye and unwavering passion for the magic that lives on in every photograph.

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11×17 Framed with Glass

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