The Wall of Sound Diorama #1 Completed in 2022

1/24 Scale representation of the famous sound system used by the Grateful Dead.

In the Beginning…

Grateful Gaming was started in 1998 after my college lab partner and I decided to make a Diorama of the Grateful Dead performing in front of the spectacular Wall of Sound. That Diorama was sold to the band and sat in the GD Productions boardroom in Novato, CA for many years.

25 Years Later, in early in 2022 a quest was started to create a very high detail representation of the 1974 pa. This time I enlisted a team of 3D Printers to help out!

After well over a thousand hours of printing and 500 hours of hand creating the rest, I have created another Diorama. And this one is special!

This Diorama was sold in July of 2022 to a very awesome couple and it resides in Kansas City, MO. They tell me its their favorite thing they own.

Built inside a 55 Gallon aquarium and is approximately 48″ wide and 12″ deep.

Featuring an active LED lighting system and a bluetooth connected sound system. The lights are controlled via a remote control or a custom app that gives unlimited lighting options.

There are 641 Speakers made to exact specifications. 40+ Mcintosh Amps.

Stage Right
Stage Left

Build Pictures: