50th Anniversary Wall of Sound Diorama used by the Grateful Dead.

I sold the first Diorama I made, to the Grateful Dead in 1998. 25 years later, I’m very proud to offer my latest creation. This 1:24 Scale Exact recreation is housed in a beautiful wood shadowbox frame.

A Quest that was started 25 years ago has come to fruition.

Hours of research and design and help from a professional engineer.

784+ Hours of 3D Printing.

Very Detailed Hand Painting.

Built to Last and a lifetime warranty coverage.

Beautiful 36×24 Deep Shadowbox Frame.

LED Lighting System that has a lifetime warranty.

The Lighting is Controlled by our Custom IOS App or Remote

Limited Edition of 50

Fantastic Detail

Very Bright Lights that react to sound! Lights up a room at night!

Contact Joe for pricing:

C: 320-360-2048

[email protected]